Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hiatus... Over!

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So, I'm back. I've been feeling a lot of pressure to revitalize my blog (recently a lot of that pressure has come from a certain Mrs. Horne), and I'm finally caving to it all.

I guess that I've just been holding out, waiting for some brilliant idea to seize me and demand to be put on the web. Yeah, that hasn't happened, and it probably won't happen anytime soon. So, I have no idea what to write. But I've missed writing, so I'll just start going and see what happens.

Oh, I need to apologize. In my last post, four months ago, I said that I would try to write a post about the followers of my blog. I didn't expect the sudden explosion of followers that resulted. So I'd still like to write those posts, but it'll have to wait while I try to get into the blogging groove.

Now, to get back in the groove, I need more ideas. I've been reading a lot of blogs, which have helped (shout out to Katie Chrystler). But I also submit to you, my readers: what would you like to hear about? I will do my best to oblige. You may put all ideas in the comments section.

So, I think that'll do it for my comeback post. I'll do a real post sometime soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Welcoming Committee

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So I've just thought of a brilliant new feature for my blog. I've decided that whenever I gain a new follower (I sound like the leader of some strange cult when I say that), I will run a piece on that person as a welcome. Sounds good, eh? For all of you loyal readers, I may retroactivate this.

This proves difficult because there are some readers that stay hidden in the shadows and mask their identity, only emerging to post random comments on my boards. I encourage you to hide no longer! Join the team!

That being said, let me tell you about Garrett MacKay. The date of our first meeting has been lost to the closet monsters of time, but it must have been in seventh grade, because I outlined his picture in my yearbook as a person that I liked. However, in eighth grade we were both chosen by Ms. Thornock to be on the Centennial mock trial teams. We were assigned as the closing prosecuting attorney for our respective teams. So, Garrett came over to my house one Saturday to work on our closing statements together.

After we had done our mock trial work, Garrett and I spotted the newest issue of Sports Illustrated sitting on the kitchen counter. Our perusal and discussion of the magazine led to a discovery of many common interests, notably BYU football. And that, as they say, was that.

We've spent two and a half years apart, but now it seems like neither of us ever left. I'm glad to have my best friend back, and welcome him to the Captain's (B)Log.

p.s. If anyone has a favorite Garrett story, post it in the comment boxes.

Garrett and me from the eighth grade yearbook.

Garrett and me last week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Captain's blog, supplemental:

Has anybody who reads my blog noticed the ads on the side? I suggest clicking on them, because then I can get some money. That was my subliminal message for this post. But the liminal message is that those ads make me laugh. There was one once that said I can become a better creative writer by hypnosis. Don't ask me how that one works. There was also one that said to blog about cancer to be entered in a prize drawing.

Cancer is bad.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Captain's blog, supplemental:

So I just had an awesome moment. I'm currently sitting here at Nu Skin, with very little to do. It's a nice, slow Friday. Anyway, I'm very used to being busy with schoolwork and other things. Lately I've been very stressed out because I had lots to do, and I left it all until the last minute. That's a lot of pressure.

Just now, I felt that same pressure starting to come back. I started running a list of things I need to do through my head. Then I realized what I have to do: NOTHING. I turned in my last assignment of the term this morning. I'm free! Summer's actually started now! But I still have this urge to write something, so here I am. I think I'll make a list of things I'm going to do during my summer break.

1. Go treasure hunting at Topaz Mountain tomorrow. I'm gonna find me some rare gems. Maybe we'll get attacked by some Nazis and have to keep a rare, obscenely powerful artifact from falling into their posession.

2. Grow a goatee. Or at least attempt to. I may not have enough time to get a really good one.

3. Maybe I can beat some kind of video game.

4. Buy a laptop

5. Start writing about important stuff on my currently lackluster blog.

6. Write stuff on my currently lackluster blog period.

7. Hone my lightsaber skills.

8. At some point in early to mid-July I will be re-instating the Police Cop Plan for Global Domination.

9. Start working on my fingerprint custom doorbell (Project Doortone).

10. Find some rich guy to finance Project Doortone.

11. Play some soccer and/or some football

12. Write a novel.

13. Get bitten by a radioactive spider.

14. Defeat Communism

15. And if I have time, go find me a wife.

Yes, summer is looking great!

P.S. If my beloved readers (all three of you) have any more summer fun suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring is Off to a Great Start

Captain's blog, supplemental:

Spring classes started this morning, as many of you are no doubt aware. I knew that parking is generally better in the spring than during fall or winter, so I set off to find a new spot. As I approached the underground lot, I saw the car in front of me seemingly go right past the barrier. So I thought that the underground lot and the parking past the barrier were open to students for the spring and summer.

I pulled up to the barrier until I was nearly touched it with my car. Nothing. Then I looked in my side mirror and saw the security guy coming towards me. He told me I needed a faculty pass... bummer. So I had to take my time turning my Explorer around. Of course there was a car behind me; I'm sure they were discussing how retarded I am. But I found a parking spot and went to my Book of Mormon class (2 girls and about 40 guys, bit of a disappointment).

After Book of Mormon, I headed over to my Creative Writing class in the Benson building next door. I found the classroom designated on my schedule and walked in. I looked for a place to sit and noticed that the front row was entirely empty. I made a witty remark as I walked to my seat about being the only one brave enough to sit in the front row. No laughs, not even a smile. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear crickets chirping or even to see a tumbleweed roll through. I asked myself, "What kind of English class has such humorless people in it?" I had a hard time seeing a lot of creative writing coming out of these students.

As I glanced around my new classroom, I noticed that most of them had the same gigantic textbook. I looked closer and saw some very scary, complicated-looking diagrams. I suddenly got a very bad feeling. Then the professor walked in. He looked like an all-right guy, pretty young. Definitely English professor type. But he quickly dispelled my hope that the identical monster textbooks were only a coincidence.

"Everyone's here for Organic Chemistry, right?" the professor said. The bad feeling turned to all-out fear. Organic chemistry, my worst nightmare right behind Math anything. I quickly raised my hand asking what happened to my class. He didn't know, but a kind (though probably deadpan) student suggested I call BYU Info. Fortunately I have the number programmed into my phone. I called as soon as I left the classroom.

It took a couple of transfers to get to the right department, but I was eventually connected to a nice young woman. She verified my course information and asked if I was registered for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday section. I said yes, and she dropped the bombshell on me.

"Today's Tuesday."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My True Calling

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So I had one of those moments today. You know those moments of absolute clarity where something just clicks? Yeah, I had something better than that. And now I understand....

For the last few months, I have had a massive internal struggle about my future. I suppose it happens to every returned missionary/new college student. One minute everything seems to be settled, your plan is set. Then suddenly uncertainty creeps in, and you're gasping for air, looking for a purpose.

I've been through this whole kaleidoscope of emotions recently. But today, that all ended. Now, I feel confident in my future. Specifically what I want to do with my life.

There were many factors that entered into my decision. I'm a man of varied interests. So I've been hoping for a career that would satisfy as many as possible:

1. I need a career that allows me to work with people. I crave social interaction, so a job where I work with others is a must.

2. Along with that, a job where I can help people solve their problems would be very nice as well.

3. My job should be filled with adventure. I don't think I'd do very well sitting behind a desk all day. I'm a man of action, always looking for things to do.

4. If I can, a job where I can stay in shape physically would be nice too.

5. I should be able to strategize and expand my natural creative leanings.

6. A sweet company car would be cool.

7. Job security, I want a profession that will always be needed.

8. I want my job to take me places. I'm so curious about the world around me.

9. And of course, fame and fortune would be quite cool. I've always had a desire to be seen and heard, while making a pretty penny.

That's the list I've been mentally writing for many years now. But until today, I was not able to find a profession that met all of those requirements. But now, I will forever more be devoting my time and energy into my ultimate goal, which is to become...


Monday, February 9, 2009

New Pants, Shoes, and... a Baby?!

Captain's blog, supplemental:

I got a new niece today.  I'm sure that will come as a surprise to all of my family members, who may be wondering if I've been literally robbing the cradle.  But fear not mothers of Provo, your children are safe in their beds.

So, this evening I took my sister Isabel to Wal-Mart so she could buy some shoes.  Interesting sidenote--for some reason, whenever I go shopping with anyone else, I almost always end up spending a lot more money than my shopping companion.  Take tonight for example.  Isabel didn't end up finding any shoes; I, on the other hand, bought some new work clothes, then went to Ross for shoes.  I ended up spending $130... tabernouche.

I looking at George golf shirts when I saw Danielle Mahoney, Kyle's sister-in-law.  This was my first time seeing her since I've been home, and my first time meeting little Reagan Mahoney.  Boy, she's cute (probably because she doesn't look a thing like Kyle).  I love her curly hair the most.  Anyway, I do have a point here.  Danielle introduced me to Reagan as "Uncle Chase".  Therefore, I have a new niece.  Hooray!

I'm not sure if anyone else found that as cool as I did.  But if you don't like this post, then I'm laying the blame directly on your shoulders.  You may recall in my very first log that I asked for suggestions of things that will make this exciting.  I have yet to receive any.  So... yeah.  Here's another call for those.  Let me know!

One last thing to think about: I wonder if underwear sales at the Orem Wal-Mart are noticeably lower than other markets... 

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Wish Bill Murray Had Completed the Job...

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So, once again Punxsutawney Phil has delivered us a gut shot.  However, while reading the story on the Drudge Report, I noticed many holes.  According to the article, Groundhog Day comes from a German superstition.  This superstition says that if a hibernating animal sees his shadow on the Christian holiday of Candlemas, then there will be six more weeks of winter.  So why a groundhog?  If we need a hibernating animal, why not a bear?  Or a squirrel?  Or BYU's defense (in any sport)?  Do groundhogs have some kind of built-in barometer?  Personally, I'd trust Mark Eubank more than Phil.

Here's another curious fact: apparently, Punxsutawney Phil has been doing this whole shot-in-the-dark thing since 1887!  That's a century before I was even born!  According to Wikipedia, the average groundhog lives to be anywhere from two to six years in the wild, and 22 years at the most in captivity.  This "Phil" is a fake!  Even if the original groundhog was able to predict the weather, we have no reason to believe that this fraud could even predict the ending of Twilight

But, because I am worried about the possibility of six more weeks of my least favorite season (in Qu├ębec it lasts six months), I decided to perform my own test.  After all, I have about as many credentials as Punxsutawney Phil as a metereologist.  Plus, I'm much better looking.  So I went outside early this afternoon to have a look for myself.  And despite the sun shining directly overhead, I didn't see any shadow!  So there you go, it's my word against the imposter Phil.  Who do you really trust?    

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Maiden Voyage

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So, since everyone has been incessantly hounding me to start my own blog ::cough:: Camille ::cough::, I hereby begin "The Captain's (B)Log".  I suppose the first order of business is to explain the unique name.  Those of you who know me (which should be everyone actually reading this) will understand that it's rooted in Star Trek.  I've always wanted to be the captain of a starship.  Somehow though, I don't see that happening.  However, I have dubbed myself "captain" on numerous occasions.  I think it makes for a good name.

Anyway, I've never done my own blog, so I don't really know what to do... uh... it's currently halftime of Super Bowl XLIII.  I don't find the halftime show nearly as interesting as the game, so I decided to use this time to start my blog.  The Steelers went into the locker room after a 100-yard interception return.  An amazing feat for a big man like James Harrison.  But... those who actually watched the replay know that it should've been called back.  Last I checked, it was against the rules to grab a players jersey and hold him by it... water under the bridge I guess, but now everyone knows that I saw it...

So that's the "Maiden Voyage" I guess.  Like I've already said, I don't know what to do for a blog.  Any suggestions, ideas, or criticisms are welcome.  But no death threats.  Okay, peace!