Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring is Off to a Great Start

Captain's blog, supplemental:

Spring classes started this morning, as many of you are no doubt aware. I knew that parking is generally better in the spring than during fall or winter, so I set off to find a new spot. As I approached the underground lot, I saw the car in front of me seemingly go right past the barrier. So I thought that the underground lot and the parking past the barrier were open to students for the spring and summer.

I pulled up to the barrier until I was nearly touched it with my car. Nothing. Then I looked in my side mirror and saw the security guy coming towards me. He told me I needed a faculty pass... bummer. So I had to take my time turning my Explorer around. Of course there was a car behind me; I'm sure they were discussing how retarded I am. But I found a parking spot and went to my Book of Mormon class (2 girls and about 40 guys, bit of a disappointment).

After Book of Mormon, I headed over to my Creative Writing class in the Benson building next door. I found the classroom designated on my schedule and walked in. I looked for a place to sit and noticed that the front row was entirely empty. I made a witty remark as I walked to my seat about being the only one brave enough to sit in the front row. No laughs, not even a smile. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear crickets chirping or even to see a tumbleweed roll through. I asked myself, "What kind of English class has such humorless people in it?" I had a hard time seeing a lot of creative writing coming out of these students.

As I glanced around my new classroom, I noticed that most of them had the same gigantic textbook. I looked closer and saw some very scary, complicated-looking diagrams. I suddenly got a very bad feeling. Then the professor walked in. He looked like an all-right guy, pretty young. Definitely English professor type. But he quickly dispelled my hope that the identical monster textbooks were only a coincidence.

"Everyone's here for Organic Chemistry, right?" the professor said. The bad feeling turned to all-out fear. Organic chemistry, my worst nightmare right behind Math anything. I quickly raised my hand asking what happened to my class. He didn't know, but a kind (though probably deadpan) student suggested I call BYU Info. Fortunately I have the number programmed into my phone. I called as soon as I left the classroom.

It took a couple of transfers to get to the right department, but I was eventually connected to a nice young woman. She verified my course information and asked if I was registered for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday section. I said yes, and she dropped the bombshell on me.

"Today's Tuesday."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My True Calling

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So I had one of those moments today. You know those moments of absolute clarity where something just clicks? Yeah, I had something better than that. And now I understand....

For the last few months, I have had a massive internal struggle about my future. I suppose it happens to every returned missionary/new college student. One minute everything seems to be settled, your plan is set. Then suddenly uncertainty creeps in, and you're gasping for air, looking for a purpose.

I've been through this whole kaleidoscope of emotions recently. But today, that all ended. Now, I feel confident in my future. Specifically what I want to do with my life.

There were many factors that entered into my decision. I'm a man of varied interests. So I've been hoping for a career that would satisfy as many as possible:

1. I need a career that allows me to work with people. I crave social interaction, so a job where I work with others is a must.

2. Along with that, a job where I can help people solve their problems would be very nice as well.

3. My job should be filled with adventure. I don't think I'd do very well sitting behind a desk all day. I'm a man of action, always looking for things to do.

4. If I can, a job where I can stay in shape physically would be nice too.

5. I should be able to strategize and expand my natural creative leanings.

6. A sweet company car would be cool.

7. Job security, I want a profession that will always be needed.

8. I want my job to take me places. I'm so curious about the world around me.

9. And of course, fame and fortune would be quite cool. I've always had a desire to be seen and heard, while making a pretty penny.

That's the list I've been mentally writing for many years now. But until today, I was not able to find a profession that met all of those requirements. But now, I will forever more be devoting my time and energy into my ultimate goal, which is to become...