Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Maiden Voyage

Captain's blog, supplemental:

So, since everyone has been incessantly hounding me to start my own blog ::cough:: Camille ::cough::, I hereby begin "The Captain's (B)Log".  I suppose the first order of business is to explain the unique name.  Those of you who know me (which should be everyone actually reading this) will understand that it's rooted in Star Trek.  I've always wanted to be the captain of a starship.  Somehow though, I don't see that happening.  However, I have dubbed myself "captain" on numerous occasions.  I think it makes for a good name.

Anyway, I've never done my own blog, so I don't really know what to do... uh... it's currently halftime of Super Bowl XLIII.  I don't find the halftime show nearly as interesting as the game, so I decided to use this time to start my blog.  The Steelers went into the locker room after a 100-yard interception return.  An amazing feat for a big man like James Harrison.  But... those who actually watched the replay know that it should've been called back.  Last I checked, it was against the rules to grab a players jersey and hold him by it... water under the bridge I guess, but now everyone knows that I saw it...

So that's the "Maiden Voyage" I guess.  Like I've already said, I don't know what to do for a blog.  Any suggestions, ideas, or criticisms are welcome.  But no death threats.  Okay, peace! 

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